Destino Patagonia

Cantata by Sergio Arriagada for narrator, soloist, mixed choir and traditional South American instrumental ensemble, "Los Calchakis"
Music of Sergio Arriagada, choral arrangement of Enzo Gieco and Iris Thion-Poncet, libretto from Pablo Urquiza.
Conductor: Iris Thion-Poncet

Destino Patagonia is a musical work composed by "Los Calchakis" for a choral, instrumental and soloists formation.
It tells the initiatory journey of a person who, at a certain moment in his life, feels the call for change and travel: an unknown force calls for a return to his roots. Without hesitation, he decides to go to Patagonia, the mythical land that would become the homeland of his rebirth.
In this personal quest, he will encounter landscapes, characters, ancient peoples and even animals that will make him rediscover the meaning of life and the values ​​he had abandoned.
We will go through the colors of the pampas, the glaciers, the ancient forests, the wild coasts of the Antarctic Ocean ... thanks to the different musical themes inspired by the traditional South-American rhythms.
Between each piece, the thread of the story is told in French.
The audience travels too, carried away by the intoxicating and nostalgic music that invites to joy, to dream, and to a rediscovery of oneself.

This work contains 7 pieces:

Sergio Arriagada 1. Partide   [departure]
2. Chamarrita del Glaciar   [Chamarrita of the glacier]
3. Gaiman   [Gaïman]
4. Los Olvidados   [The forgotten]
5. El Gatito Patagón   [The little Patagon cat]
6. Cabo de Hornos   [Cape Horn]  
7. Madre Patagonia   [Mother Patagonia]

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Iris Thion-Poncet

Iris Thion-Ponet During her musical studies, which she began with piano and choral singing, Iris Thion developed a real passion for choir conducting and joined the Maîtrise de Radio France. She also sang at the Madrigal de Paris directed by Pierre Calmelet, as well as at the Madrigal de Lille.
She graduated from the Musical Academy of Boulogne-Billancourt under the tuition of Marianne Guengard, in music writing at the Conservatoire de Lille and conducting with Jean-Sebastien Béreau. She holds a degree in musicology from the University Paris-Sorbonne IV.
She is currently studying choral conducting with Celso Antunes at the University of Music of Geneva.
Anxious to always renew the dynamics of choral practice, some projects lead her to transcribe for chorus the works originally composed for instruments (C.Franck, W.A. Mozart, Latin American folk music, ...).

Iris is interested in composition and has written a cycle on poems by Paul Éluard for women a cappella choir as well as a musical tale for three soloists, two children's choruses and string quartet as well as some very original multi-disciplinary works (to be published Le Véritable Jour on poems of Pablo Urquiza).

Iris has directed many choirs of various singers (children, vulnerable public, amateur, semi-professional). She is regularly asked to take part in various projects, as a choir director (master classes, workshops, concerts, collaborations ...).

Los Calchakis

Los Calchakis, an emblematic group of South American music, has been at the origin of the Andean music vogue in the world. Los Calchakis have largely proved their authenticity by always remaining faithful to the Andean rhythms and instruments, and by trying to go even deeper towards the sources of this music, to make it evolve in the context of our century without distorting it. This proves, the sincerity and the love with which they have always served this music.
Created by Héctor Miranda, Los Calchakis began their international fame in the late sixties with the recording of the album The Indian Flute. This disc, becoming a world bestseller, propelled the group on the biggest theater scenes in the world.
Los Calchakis In 1969, the Chilean Sergio Arriagada joined the group. Capable of playing all the traditional South American instruments, he is designated by Héctor Miranda to organise the musical creation. The group Los Calchakis then changes its formation into quartets, then quintets. The group began touring all continents, recording dozens of albums including Mystery of the Andes who won the Grand Prix Disc Academy Charles Cros of Paris.
Forty years later, in 2008, "Los Calchakis" still pursue a prestigious career, recording new CDs and also creating new works such as Tierra Herida (Wounded Earth) that they played for the first time in Paris with the Choir of the Atrium of Chaville.
In 2005 they are invited by the great Spanish tenor José Carreras to accompany him in the Misa Criolla, (which they had created in France in 1970 at the Church of the Madeleine) during a tour in the biggest theaters of Japan, with the participation of the Tokyo Opera Choir. They also performed in the Llagollen International Festival in Wales, in 2007.
Some theatres where they performed: Olympia, Salle Pleyel and Théâtre des Champs Elysées in Paris; Monumental de Madrid, Palace of Fine Arts of Mexico City, Tivoli of Copenhagen, Frankfurt Opera House, Victoria Hall of Geneva, Lisner Auditorium of Washington, Wilfrid Pelletier of Montreal, Palace of Arts and Budapest Opera House, etc.
Currently the group members are Sergio Arriagada, Enrique Capuano, Pablo Urquiza and Osvaldo Muslera.